Apex Legends Fight Or Fright Event Challenges Revealed

Apex Legends Wattson

Respawn has finally found its rhythm in supporting Apex Legends with new (and more importantly, regular) content, it seems.

Barely a month has passed since players of the battle royale received a new event in the form of Wraith-themed Voidwalker and now, almost immediately following its conclusion, yet another limited-time affair is on the way. As confirmed via official channels, Apex’s long-rumored Halloween event, Fight or Fright, is scheduled to arrive next week, October 15th, for all players, bringing with it a wealth of new gameplay opportunities and cosmetics to earn.

Many of the weapon and character skins on offer over the three-week period will be exclusive to either chance-based loot boxes or direct purchase, of course, but the free-to-play title is also taking steps to ensure that those engaging in the new content are richly rewarded just for playing, too. Spread across eight challenges of varying difficulty levels, completion of each will reward your efforts with the likes of custom profile Badges, music packs and yes, most importantly of all, new paint jobs for your favourite items.

Check out our gallery for all the necessary information:

As for the intricacies of Fight or Flight’s dedicated Shadowfall mode, we’re still awaiting a trailer on that front, though the above certainly helps to provide a clearer picture. Again corroborating earlier leaks, it appears that those returning to the sinister nighttime version of Kings Canyon will be engaging in battle not just against other players, but AI-controlled enemies, too. Oversized spiders, zombies and (by the looks of it, player-controlled) shadow variants of existing Legends will populate the spooky arena, with the ultimate goal appearing to be escaping the nightmare on a Drop Ship.

That last part immediately evokes memories of a similar endgame scenario used in Respawn’s beloved Titfanfall series, and this certainly wouldn’t be the first time Apex Legends has borrowed elements of its spiritual predecessor. Whatever the case may be, expect Respawn to reveal more about how Shadowfall works over the coming days. Watch this space.