Apex Legends Patch Finally Nerfs Season 3’s Overpowered Charge Rifle


Apex Legends players might be in unanimous agreement that Season 3: Meltdown has been the best update yet for the battle royale, but there’s another, less welcome addition that’s prompted criticism from a large number of fans. Alongside the addition of a new hero and map in the form of Crypto and World’s Edge respectively, Respawn delivered a new weapon into the hands of those exploring the extreme elements of Kings Canyon’s replacement, the Charge Rifle.

Like the majority of Apex‘s existing firearms, Season 3’s armory addition is a carryover from Respawn’s Titanfall games, where it was originally used to topple the series’ titular robots. That being the case, it hardly takes a wild imagination to picture the effects its firepower would have on a lowly human. Disintegrating opponents in an instant from miles away might sound like a hoot at first, but the Charge Rifle’s ease-of-use, coupled with its overabundance, has finally prompted Respawn to break out the nerf bat.

The changes went live late last night via a server-side patch, meaning no download is required on the user’s end. As for what’s changed, see below for specifics:

Charge Rifle Changes

  • Increased the amount of ammo used per shot (3 Energy Ammo per shot)
  • Magazine size changes
    – No Extended Mag = 9 ammo (3 shots)
    – Level 1 Extended Mag = 12 ammo (4 shots)
    – Level 2 Extended Mag = 15 ammo (5 shots)
    – Level 3 Extended Mag = 18 ammo (6 shots)
  • Damage adjustments
  • Damage dropoff changes

It’s worth noting that all of the above is a result of direct testing by players (Respawn has yet to provide specifics) following the update, so exact figures can vary, especially where damage is concerned. Will the tweaks be enough to reduce the Charge Rifle’s dominance of the meta? It’s too early to tell just yet, but we should at least see more experimentation with builds going forward.

As for wider events currently ongoing in Apex Legends, Halloween is full steam ahead in-game with a new event, Fight or Fright. If you’ve yet to jump in and experience new mode Shadowfall for yourselves, see here for all the details.

Source: Reddit