Everything You Need To Know About Apex Legends Season 3’s Charge Rifle

apex Legends

At long last, Apex Legends‘ next big update has a concrete release date.

Come October 1s, players of the battle royale will wave a fond farewell to Season 2: Battle Charge and welcome its replacement, Season 3: Meltdown, with open arms. What’s to be included in the bumper content drop? Well, fans who’ve been following the goings-on in Kings Canyon will be well aware of a certain new character due to make their debut next month, but the mysterious Crypto is far from the only new addition meant to shake-up Apex‘s ever-evolving metagame.

Following the template of earlier seasons, Meltdown will place a new weapon of untold destructive capabilities into players’ hands. As per developer Respawn’s own description: “Carve your way across the Arena with this obliterating directed-energy weapon.” That vapid flavor text reveals next to nothing, but we’ve already got a pretty good idea of how it’ll perform in-game, thanks to Titanfall 2.

It’s worth noting, of course, that like other assets borrowed from Apex‘s spiritual predecessor in the past, the Charge Rifle could undergo several visual as well as gameplay changes in the transition. The jury’s still out on that front, but thanks to the recent efforts of trusted data miner That1MiningGuy, it appears that the gun will be restricted to being found only from random supply drops.

If true, the news will be disappointing for many fans who had been hoping for an addition to Apex‘s world loot pool. Generally speaking, care packages are rare and their contents, therefore, have little impact on the overall flow of a match. For once, we hope the above leaks are wrong and that Respawn has decided to change its mind before Season 3’s release, but we’ll see.

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