Apex Legends’ Crypto Has Been Spotted In-Game

Apex Legends Wattson

With Apex Legends Season 3 just around the corner, fans of the battle royale can feel the winds of change slowly sweeping into Kings Canyon. A refreshed Battle Pass, sandbox changes and a wealth of new customization options are part and parcel for such highly-anticipated occasions, as too, is the addition of a brand new character. While Respawn has yet to confirm who (or what) that new roster addition will be, the overwhelming favourite is Crypto.

The elusive computer hacker has been teased for release ever since Season 2 began, with various events and Easter eggs pointing to the hero’s imminent arrival. The most recent of these occurred over the weekend at Apex Legends‘ preseason invitational tournament but despite the onslaught of hints and references, players have yet to spot Crypto in-game. Until now, that is.

As seen in the video via the Reddit link below, those wishing to steal their first look at Crypto in the flesh, so to speak, can do so by heading over to Labs (east).

Behind protective glass in one of the sprawling complex’s rooms, you’ll find the character seemingly attempting to hack some form of a security console. Once spotted, the fleet-footed fellow promptly flees through an escape route, leaving his belongings behind. Interestingly, information displayed on the room’s various screens appears to reference a ‘World’s Edge.’ Fans of Respawn’s Titanfall series have promptly noted that the name is identical to that of a location in Apex‘ spiritual predecessor, inevitably leading to wild speculation as to the character’s true motives.

Thankfully, players won’t have long to wait until their questions are answered. Apex Legends Season 3 is due to kick-off in early October, finally putting an end to superb teaser campaign. If you’ve yet to jump in and experience the delights that Respawn’s battle royale has to offer, there’s no better place to start your adventure than with a recently released retail copy of the game. See here for all the details.