Respawn Reveals Apex Legends Special Edition With Exclusive Skins

Apex Legends

Apex Legends will soon receive representation in physical stores with an upcoming retail edition, Respawn Entertainment has announced.

Of course, longtime fans of the battle royale will no doubt take this opportunity to feign surprise at the reveal thanks, in no small part, to leaks earlier this month that prematurely outed its existence. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have official confirmation and, as an added bonus, the developer has seen fit to not only reveal a release date for the bundle but all of the goodies contained within, too.

EA and Respawn’s decision to produce a hard copy of the shooter – what with it being a strictly free-to-play title and all – will undoubtedly prompt a few raised eyebrows but depending on how highly you value exclusive cosmetics, there’s more than enough reason to drop $20 for this small but sweet treat. Actually, if you’re after everything on offer then you’ll need to double that price, as the main attraction – two exclusive skins – are divided between two separate special editions.

Both the Lifeline and Bloodhound editions will be available for purchase from next month and include all of the following:

The Lifeline Edition

  • Legendary Guardian Angel Lifeline skin
  • Legendary Chooser of the Slain Flatline skin
  • Exclusive Winged Guardian Banner
  • Exclusive Angel Struck Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

The Bloodhound Edition

  • Legendary The Intimidator Bloodhound skin
  • Legendary Wrath Bringer Prowler skin
  • Exclusive Feeling Impish Banner
  • Exclusive Tormentor Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

Both of the above represents, in all honestly, terrific bang for your buck. One new character and weapon skin, as well as 1,000 Apex Coins (premium currency), are definitely worth the modest $19.99 price tag and will certainly help to boost positivity in light of recent events. Respawn received overwhelming criticism from players for its pricing model in the title’s recently-concluded Iron Crown Collection event which ultimately prompted an all-out war of words between both parties on social media. But what’s past is past.

Apex Legends Lifeline and Bloodhound Editions are available in stores from October 18th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.