New Crypto Teaser Spotted At Apex Legends Preseason Invitational

Apex Legends

There’s not long left now until Apex Legends players wave goodbye to Season 2 and my word, how times have changed.

Prior to the arrival of Battle Charge, Respawn was struggling to claw its way out from between a rock and a hard place largely of its own making. What began as an explosively successful launch for the battle royale back in February slowly tapered off in momentum, inevitably leading to a large exodus of players not satisfied with the developer’s plodding pace of adding new content. A month later than perhaps many had hoped, Season 1: Wild Frontier finally arrived in March to middling reception.

And so we arrive at the present day. Season 2, unlike its predecessor, has been responsible for a monumental shift in fortunes for Apex Legends, what with its renewed approach to regular content updates in the form of special events and, of course, further metagame changes with new weapons and additional roster additions. With Season 3 right around the corner, however, Static Defender Wattson will soon lose her status as the shooter’s newest arrival, likely passing it on to the enigmatic Crypto.

The computer hacker has been referenced several times in-game and, as per yet another teaser heralding his imminent arrival, Crypto is, at this point, totally confirmed to arrive sometime in October.

As the clip via the Reddit link below shows, digital banners adorning the tournament’s venue began ‘glitching’ out partway through proceedings. This could, of course, be a genuine malfunction but given Crypto’s rumored ability to tamper with electronic equipment, the timing is much too coincidental. Combine that with a mysterious individual’s recent in-game attempt to hack the infrastructure of Kings Canyon and the writing’s on the wall.

As for when Apex Legends fans can expect Season 3 to officially kick-off, Respawn has yet to provide an official date but we expect an announcement within the week. Stay tuned.