Apex Legends Fight Or Fright Event Trailer Teases Revenant


The next limited-time event for Apex Legends is due to kick off later today and Respawn has dropped a new trailer to celebrate.

Similar to the somewhat controversial Iron Crown campaign held earlier this year, Fight or Fright is what the developer is dubbing a ‘Collection’ event. The archetype is one of three different formats that Apex players have been regularly receiving over the last several months and boasts a wealth of new cosmetics; some earned, others purchased. Furthermore, obtaining every new suitably-themed Halloween costume for each hero is a prerequisite to unlocking a brand new Heirloom item for Lifeline.

Speaking of all things spooky, however, you can check out the all-new trick or treat outfits headed your way in just a few hours via the aforementioned trailer above.

But it’s not all just about the loot on offer this time around. Special Limited-Time mode Shadowfall is accompanying Apex‘s Fight or Fright update and tasks players with surviving against a horde of undead in a nighttime version of Kings Canyon. Rather than be eliminated from the match upon death, combatants who fall in battle will return to the front lines as a zombie with the sole purpose of hunting down any remaining survivors.

Who’s the mastermind behind these gruesome games, you ask? Why, none other than Revenant, of course. The enigmatic character, who data miners have been discovering references to for several months, will make their debut today, though likely not as a playable addition. Not yet, at least.

A leaked document from inside Respawn HQ recently circulated online that potentially reveals several upcoming additions to Apex Legends‘ roster. Among them, and next in line directly after Crypto, was none other than Revenant himself. With any luck then, Respawn will have weaved in some hints as to when the mysterious villain(?) will be promoted to playable status in Fight or Fright. Fingers crossed.