Apex Legends Players Discover Trick That Lets Pathfinder Fly

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players are certainly no strangers to bugs, glitches and all sorts of wacky exploits.

More often than not, these unintended occurrences are relatively harmless in nature and (mostly) mundane, but there are always exceptions. From the discovery of infinite invulnerability for Wraith to missing ground textures resulting in an endless fall into nothingness, Kings Canyon regulars have borne witness to some quite truly bizarre oddities over the last several months, but today’s discovery undoubtedly takes the cake.

In case you hadn’t heard, developer Respawn kicked off Season 3: Meltdown for the battle royale last week. Besides introducing a replacement for original map Kings Canyon in the form of World’s Edge, new character Crypto joined the fight to further shake up the meta. And shake it up he has, though certainly not always in the way intended. Streamer NiceWigg decided to experiment with the tech-savvy hero’s handy Tactical Drone ability recently by pairing it with Pathfinder’s grappling hook.

Based on the video found here, it’s not an embellishment to say that flight is genuinely possible in Apex Legends right now. The process is remarkably simple, too. To perform the stunt, simply form a team that has a Crypto and Pathfinder. Once all of the pre-match ceremonies are over and you’re on the ground, have the Crypto player deploy their drone. With some precise aim, the individual controlling Pathfinder simply needs to attach the robot’s zipline to the drone and boom – you’re now a budget Superman.

To perform the stunt successfully, of course, you’ll need a friend who’s already familiar with Crypto’s drone, though should an accident happen mid-flight, Pathfinder will simply fall back to Earth without repercussion. For now, at least.

The feature is clearly unintentional and while Respawn is unlikely to ban players over its use, I imagine it won’t be long before the studio looks into its removal. Enjoy it while you can!