Apex Legends Players Discover New Character Octane’s Ultimate Ability In-Game


Apex Legends hasn’t been out for long, but the millions of players who’ve fallen for the game have fallen pretty damn hard. Countless hours have been put into it since launch, with every corner of the map scoured, Easter Eggs discovered and every little intricacy appreciated. It’s gotten to the point where some are getting hungry for new content, which fortunately is set to arrive in the form of new character Octane.

We’ve had multiple leaks about him over the past few weeks, but now it seems players have an opportunity to try out his Ultimate Ability for themselves. Presumably, to tease his (or her) impending introduction to the game, folks have noticed green Launch Pads appearing all over the map. Walk over one and it’ll launch you high into the air.

An ability like this should allow for the top tier gamers to introduce some seriously impressive mobility tricks, enabling acrobatic feats that will allow people to cover vast areas of the map quickly, not to mention being able to easily access difficult to reach areas.

But that’s not all. Players have also reported that the King’s Canyon loading screen teases a never before seen cutscene that appears to show the existing Legends walking towards some kind of portal. You can check out a video someone captured below, but it seems pretty plausible that Octane could be introduced by walking through this portal.

All this should mean we’ll see Octane in the game shortly. While Apex Legends certainly isn’t in any danger of getting stale anytime soon, I can’t wait to see what acrobatic tricks we’ll be able to pull off with his/her Ultimate Ability under our belt. I just hope using the launch pads is restricted to whatever team Octane’s on – all the better to make a speedy getaway from danger, right?

Source: Dextero