Apex Legends Season 3 Gameplay Trailer Reveals More Of The New Map

Apex Legends Season 3

Apex Legends‘ third season is coming on October 1st. While we’ve known for a while what Respawn had in store, we now have an official gameplay trailer that spells things out with crystal clarity and it seems that we’ll get a renewed focus on the next Legend, Crypto, new map World’s Edge, which seems more colorful and lively than what came before and a bevy of new guns, skins and features. On top of all that, this trailer absolutely rocks. It’s set to NF’s “Leave Me Alone,” too, which makes for a perfect accompaniment to a very nicely edited combination of gameplay and cutscenes.

After its barnstorming launch back at the start of the year, Apex Legends and Respawn have had a somewhat rocky relationship with their fanbase. The Season 1 Battle Pass was widely considered to be a letdown, rewarding players with cosmetics rather than anything substantial and the various nerfs the Legends have suffered really pissed off people who’d made them their main. Beyond that, there’s been a breakdown of trust between the fan community and developer, with Respawn having to post a public apology after some of their staff clashed with players on the game’s Reddit page.

But if the quality of this trailer is an indication of what’s coming, then those who’ve drifted back to Fortnite might soon return. For one, the new additions to the map look extremely fun, with the best being the moving train that appears to circumnavigate it. The idea of having two teams fighting each other aboard a speeding train sounds fun as hell and in any event, it’s a cool new way to get around the map quickly. Also, the new terrain seems to be divided into more distinct zones than Kings Canyon, with Respawn perhaps deciding that Fortnite‘s map design is worth copying.

The future is certainly looking really bright for Apex Legends right now and I’ll be seeing you on World’s Edge next week.