Apex Legends Reveals Exclusive Cosmetics For Steam Version

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is coming to Steam. Thanks to various leaks over the last few months, you probably already knew that.

What you couldn’t have known until recently, however, is that fans who download the battle royale on Valve’s platform will be able to get their mitts on a handful of exclusive cosmetic items. As revealed during a special stream yesterday, Respawn confirmed that, starting this fall, its popular multiplayer title will no longer be exclusive to EA’s Origin service on PC. This isn’t the news of a standalone client that many had perhaps hoped, but expanded accessibility options are always welcome to see, especially when there’s free stuff included to sweeten the deal.

In total, there are three Gun Charms to collect, all of which will be awarded simply by logging in to the Steam version of Apex as soon as it becomes available. Check them out for yourself via the gallery below.

As is customary for these sorts of crossovers, each of the celebratory trinkets pays homage to one of Valve’s iconic games, with both Half-Life and Portal being represented in some way.

Our personal favourite has to be the ‘Chibified’ Wattson holding a Weighted Companion Cube from the latter, though Octane sporting a Headcrab certainly comes in a close second. To make sure you don’t miss the giveaway (it’ll only be around for a limited time), Respawn recommends that you add Apex to your Steam wish list as soon as possible so that you get notified as soon as release date rolls around.

In other Apex Legends news, Season 5’s PvE content, Broken Ghost, has now reached its conclusion, and many players think the finale has already revealed the next roster addition coming with Season 6 next month. See here for all the details.