Apex Legends Data Miners Discover Portal 2 Cosmetics

Apex Legends

Apex Legends data miners have made an interesting discovery in their latest sweep of the game’s files.

As revealed by Biast12 over on Twitter, a number of unreleased cosmetic items added alongside this week’s Season 5 patch are now present, one of which has attracted particular attention from fans due to its familiar appearance. Presented in the form of a Gun Charm – small keychain collectables used to customize weapons in-game – this specific trinket takes the shape of an ordinary garden vegetable. It’s the device embedded in this potato, however, that has whipped up frenzied discussion on social media.

Yes, it would appear as though the malevolent AI known as GLaDOS will soon be making her debut in Apex Legends. Check out the leak for yourselves via the gallery below:

As if any further proof was required, Biast12 notes the Gun Charm’s associated file name as “v_charm_valve_potato,” essentially confirming that the Portal series’ memorable antagonist and this little gadget are one and the same.

The real question, then, is what exactly is this upcoming crossover intended to celebrate? The first (and most obvious) assumption at this point is that Respawn is gearing up to release the battle royale on Valve’s Steam service, making EA’s native Origin client no longer mandatory to play the game on PC. The release of a neat little Easter egg like this would be the perfect way to mark the occasion, then, though it remains to be seen if there exists any further collaborative content between the two. Either way, you can likely expect an official announcement to surface soon, so watch this space.

As for Apex Legends‘ latest seasonal update, you can find the extensive full list of patch notes for Fortune’s Favor by heading through here.