Apex Legends Reveals Exclusive Twitch Prime Skin For Bloodhound

apex Legends

Apex Legends has been going through something of a quiet spell as of late in terms of new content.

Since Season 6 launched a few weeks back, Respawn appears to have retreated behind the scenes in order to ensure Season 7’s heavily rumored third map arrives without a hitch. Not since the release of World’s Edge way back in Season 3 have players of the battle royale had uncharted territory to explore, and while the developer continues to roll out changes to both it and OG map Kings Canyon, both are beginning to become a little stale, especially for fans who have been around since day one.

Fortunately, the return of a rejigged Grand Soiree event earlier this month – itself consisting of several wacky game modes available on a weekly rotation – has done work to remedy the preceding content drought, and with Halloween on the horizon, we’ve no doubt that some new spooky, seasonal content is on the way to keep feelings of fatigue at bay.

While we can only wait and see what the future holds for Apex Legends, then, Twitch Prime subscribers (especially those who consider themselves fans of a certain Technological Tracker) at least have a new exclusive skin to look forward to, and you can check out Bloodhound’s upcoming Will of the Allfather skin in the gallery below.

Scheduled to arrive next week, September 21st, anyone with an active Twitch Prime membership (included with Amazon Prime) can get their hands on the character’s glitzy wardrobe addition by linking the former with their platform of choice. Whether this particular outfit will be accompanied by a similarly themed Gun Charm – as was the case with Rampart and Pathfinder’s recent skins – remains to be seen, though with two mystery spots left to be revealed, we wouldn’t be surprised if one of them turned out to be exactly that. Stay tuned for confirmation.