New Apex Legends Season 2 Teaser Hints At Huge Map Changes


Apex Legends is on the cusp of receiving its biggest injection of new content since launch.

As announced earlier this month at E3, the battle royale’s second season is due to go live on July 2nd, assuredly ushering in several drastic changes to the metagame. Respawn is undoubtedly keeping some secrets up its sleeves for Battle Charge’s arrival but so far, one standout addition is Wattson. The upcoming character, which boasts a series of literally shocking defensive abilities, is primed to make a massive impact on Kings Canyon next week.

Perhaps more interestingly, however, is her close ties to Apex‘s internal lore. As detailed by her official backstory, Wattson played a pivotal role in constructing the walled-off arena that sees thousands of visitors on the regular, including those monolithic repulsors seen dotted around the map’s perimeter. Those that have been following the recent goings-on in-game will be well aware of the defence system’s failure and the subsequent dragon invasion that followed, but that crisis has since been averted, it seems.

As per a recent teaser released by Respawn, said regulators are back up and running.

In light of the above, players have since corroborated the announcement by visiting the now-functioning repulsor pylons.

REPULSOR HAS TURNED ON!!! It has begun to spin like it should’ve been from apexlegends

What does this all mean, exactly? Well, here’s where the plot thickens. A series of data-mined files presented last week seemingly outed a hacker going by the name of Crypto as the individual responsible for all the recent technical faults to have plagued Kings Canyon. The character, which was first revealed way back in February in the same leaked concept art as Wattson, is heavily implied to be receiving some sort of event either prior to Season 2’s start or just after.

Ultimately, there’s a very real chance that Crypto could be joining Wattson in Season 2 as a second playable hero, which isn’t as farfetched as it sounds. Respawn has previously indicated that new roster additions would arrive at a faster pace in the future, so we could finally see that ring true in less than seven days time.

Regardless of the outcome, the hype train for Apex Legends is well and truly back on track and we can’t wait to see more. Stay tuned.