Apex Legends Season 2 Trailer Shows Off The Fearsome L-Star LMG


Apex Legends Season 2 promises to be every bit the shake-up fans have been waiting for.

Due to commence in just a few short weeks, the battle royale’s long-awaited refresh will initiate the farewell period for the poorly-received Wild Frontier to usher in a new age. As fans across the world no doubt witnessed during Respawn’s presentation at this year’s E3, Battle Charge not only brings with it a variety of new gameplay elements but drastic changes to existing progression systems. Come July 2nd, Battle Pass owners will no longer be required to slog through an XP grind, but complete challenges to rank up and obtain some gorgeous new cosmetics.

That’s all music to the ears, of course, but what of new additions to the sandbox? Apex Legends‘ meta has been stale for quite some time due to a lack of new weapons and gadgets, though that won’t be the case for much longer. Besides the immediate impact on tier lists that new character Wattson will surely have, Season 2’s new L-Star weapon will undoubtedly prompt its own fair share of established playstyle changes.

And thanks to a recent blog post released by Respawn, we now have a clearer picture of the light machine gun’s properties and its intended role.

The first note of importance is that, like Season 1’s Havoc Rifle, the L-Star is a plasma-powered weapon. Unlike the former, however, this powerhouse of an LMG can only be obtained from airdrop packages, which should be an immediate indicator of its power. As of now, such randomized loot drops only contain the Mastiff and Kraber weapons, so the addition of a third is welcome, to say the least.

If you’re expecting to become an unstoppable killing machine with one in-hand, though, think again. Pack a punch it might, but mastering this new armory addition requires patience and skill. Holding down the trigger will result in little more than an overheated chunk of metal, so pacing your shots is critical to getting the best results. In addition to that, ammo is finite and can’t be refilled, so once the clip is empty, that’s your lot.

But that’s enough from us. Without further ado, see above for your first look at Apex Legends Season 2’s newest toy in action. Enjoy!

Source: EA