Launch Trailer For Apex Legends Season 2 Looks Amazing


Ever since EA pulled back the curtain on Apex Legends‘ second season, we’ve been eager to grab our trusty controller and dive back into Kings Canyon to see what has changed. Launch day might still be a few days away, but it looks like Respawn has plenty in store for newcomers and veterans alike. While Titans won’t be added anytime soon, dragons have made the cut, though we’re still waiting to see exactly how they’ll change the moment-to-moment gameplay, aside from their ability to drop special loot.

To celebrate the launch of the next season, EA has released a brand new trailer today that features CG graphics as opposed to in-game footage. The new video, which you can check out above, kicks off with a mysterious character typing away on a laptop – we have a distinct feeling that this may be Crypto, a potential upcoming Legend who’s been hinted at through data mining of the game’s files.

Following that brief tease, the trailer switches over to focus on more familiar faces, with one sequence pitting a rather speedy Octane squaring off against a lumbering Gibraltar and quippy Mirage. After nearly being incapacitated by a well-thrown arc-star, he’s saved last-minute by none other than Wattson, who should be making her proper debut next week.

Needless to say, the trailer is chock-full of plenty of standout moments – the ending sequence shows off a handful of dragons, with one creature causing a lot of destruction below thanks to its massive leg. While a few of us here at We Got This Covered have fallen off the Apex Legends bandwagon as of late, it looks like it’s about time to jump back onboard. Season 2: Battle Charge is shaping up quite nicely, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any new developments and official announcements as soon as they arise.

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