Apex Legends Season 3 Teasers Hint At New Map

Apex Legends Wattson

Say what you want about Respawn’s handling of Apex Legends, but the developer sure does know how to drum up hype. Next week, players will wave farewell to Season 2 and welcome its replacement, Season 3: Meltdown. As for what the refresh will bring with it, confirmed features are exactly as one would expect. Ranked matchmaking improvements, a new weapon, Battle Pass and, of course, roster addition, are par for the course, though it’s the last item on that list that’s whipped fans into a frenzy of excitement.

Computer hacker Crypto was first introduced to Apex back when Season 2 first launched as the individual responsible for letting the gargantuan Leviathans bust into Kings Canyon and run amok. Since then, Respawn has been indulging in teasing fans with a myriad of in-game Easter eggs, events and other tidbits. That campaign continues today over on the official Apex Legends Twitter page, which has been made to appear as if it’s being hacked by, yep, you guessed it – Crypto.

Check out the latest tease below which, if theory crafters are right, is hinting at what could be a new map for the battle royale.

Alone, that jumbled mess of code doesn’t reveal much, but when coupled with the teaser that directly followed it? Let’s just say that at this point, the writing’s on the wall.

For those not familiar with Apex Legends‘ close ties to Respawn’s Titanfall series, the structure seen above is that of a Space Elevator last seen in the latter game. Exactly as the name suggests, the construct facilitates space travel and, as luck would have it, Crypto’s end goal is to reach the glacial planet of Psamanthe. The puzzle pieces are slowly but surely falling into place, then, but there’s still one final teaser due to arrive tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled for more.