Apex Legends Theory Suggests New Planet And Map Are Coming

apex legends

Piece by piece, Apex Legends fans are gradually learning more of what the battle royale will have to offer in the near future.

For some time now, developer Respawn Entertainment has been teasing Kings Canyon regulars with various hints seemingly pertaining to Season 3, most of which have revolved around heavily rumoured new character Crypto. The computer hacker has been referenced in-game numerous times in the past, leading players to believe he’d be next in line to join Apex‘s roster, suspicions that were finally confirmed by the developer last week via Season 3: Meltdown’s official announcement.

Since then, we’ve learned of the new weapon, refreshed Battle Pass and ranked play changes intended to arrive in early October, but is that truly everything? Or is Respawn holding back on revealing more in order to maintain the element of surprise?

If one fan’s wild but well-researched theory comes to fruition, that could well be the case.

As per an essay-length post by The-Mortyest-Morty over on Reddit, they believe the evidence is mounting for Season 3 to introduce not just a new map, but an entirely new planet. “Tinfoil theory: Crypto is taking us to a new Apex map, set on the cold and snowy world of Psamanthe,” reads the post, before rolling out the first of several key bits of evidence supporting the claim.

First up are the various skins currently available in-game. As of now, every playable character in Apex Legends has at least three legendary skins, one being winter clothing. Only two heroes, Lifeline and Octane, are without such attire, says Morty, the reason being that both hail from the frigid climate of Psamanthe and therefore have no need of layers in Solace’s more temperate weather.

Not convinced so far? Neither was I, but here’s where things get interesting.

The-Mortyest-Morty believes that Crypto, in search of his missing sister, is attempting to hack the portal discovered in Apex‘s Voidwalker event in an effort to redirect its destination to Psamanthe. What’s more, Season 3’s official name, Meltdown, is believed to be Respawn’s sly referencing to a quite literal thawing of Psamanthe’s glacial crust.

Far-fetched certainly, but brought together, the puzzle pieces slot together neatly, do they not? Regardless of the theory’s accuracy, Apex Legends players need only wait just one more week until the truth is out there, and we’ll be watching with keen interest.