Apex Legends Season 7 Double XP Event Now Live For Limited Time

apex legends

The wealth of new content added to Apex Legends alongside Season 7 may have given players cause to celebrate last week, but that excitement has somewhat been marred by a blunder on Respawn’s end.

Beginning with Ascension, the developer has made several changes to how progression through each seasonal Battle Pass works. Unlike before, where XP was the sole currency required to keep ranking up, a predetermined number of so-called stars (akin to Fortnite‘s own system) are needed to inch further along the free and premium reward tracks. After crunching the numbers, fans quickly discovered that the amount of play time required to hit max rank was considerably higher (almost double, by some estimates) than before, backlash towards which eventually forced the studio to reconsider its approach and push out a hotfix.

That’s one problem solved, then, though it now seems as if another egregious issue has been causing players to lose chunks of BP progress through no fault of their own.

Addressing the current situation over on Twitter, Respawn confirms that the bug in question has since been resolved and has flipped the switch, so to speak, on Double XP in order to help those who lost BP levels return to where they were before the bug reared its ugly head. It’s worth noting, of course, that the boost is available across all platforms and for all accounts, regardless of whether they were affected, so consider this a gesture of goodwill, if you will.

A small tweak to ring damage has also gone live alongside the above, increasing the damage dealt to players in stages 3, 4 and 5 by double. That being the case, we’d advise not loitering out of bounds for too long while exploring Apex Legends‘ Olympus map. For more details on that, as well as everything else included with Season 7, see here.