Apex Legends Changes Controversial Battle Pass Following Fan Backlash

apex legends

Apex Legends players dissatisfied with Season 7’s revamped progression systems need not voice their criticisms any longer.

Clearly in agreement with the battle royale’s loyal community that it missed the mark with Ascension‘s XP accrual rates, Respawn Entertainment has swiftly rolled out a fix which should drastically cut down on the time required to hit max rank. Addressing concerns over on Twitter, the studio confirmed that a hotfix should now be live in-game that straight up slashes the experience points required to get a single star (multiple of the latter are required to hit higher tiers of the Battle Pass) by half. In lieu of that welcome news, then, just 5,000 (previously 10K) XP is now required for each star, making the climb much less of a daunting task for more casual-leaning players.

This means, of course, that folks who consider themselves hardcore will likely reach rank 100 long before Season 7 comes to a close, but accessibility is always more preferable than catering to what is, traditionally speaking, at least, a minority of players.

That’s not to say Apex‘s latest update is light on content, though. Battle Pass excluded, brand new map Olympus as well as roster addition Horizon present more than enough opportunity for folks to explore and optimize their play in a refreshed meta game, and that doesn’t even take into account the inevitable mid-season surprises that Respawn will deliver over the weeks and months ahead.

Thanks to previous leaks, most will already be well aware of Christmas-themed affair Holo-Day Bash making its return sometime in December, itself no doubt being followed in January with another popular Collection event. For everything you need to know about Apex Legends Season 7, see here.