Apex Legends Fans Are Furious Over Season 7’s Grind

Apex Legends

Respawn’s latest update for Apex Legends is in danger of turning fans away if the developer doesn’t act fast.

For those not aware, Season 7 went live for the battle royale earlier today, bringing with it the usual glut of content. Alongside the introduction of new character Horizon, Ascension adds the first map since Season 3’s World’s Edge in the form of Olympus. A residential paradise established with abundant wealth, the floating city is a drastic departure from previous arenas, not least in terms of size. To facilitate swift travel around the metropolis, players have access to three-man vehicles and other options, though whether anyone will be sticking around long enough to enjoy everything on offer is another matter entirely.

In a thread over on Reddit, one fan has been crunching the numbers on how long it would realistically take the average person to make their way through Season 7’s Battle Pass, and the results aren’t pretty.

To cut a long story short (raw data can be found by hitting the link below), tweaks to the way experience points and stars are earned in Apex Legends have led to a drastic upheaval in the pace of progression. Whereas in previous seasons, 100,000 XP would net players enough stars to rank up the Battle Pass four times, that same figure now only translates to a single level increase. Likewise, various activities (knockdowns, revives, wins, etc.) have been heavily nerfed, making the returns on each far lower than before.

The burning question on many players’ minds, then, is why the sudden change? As of writing, Respawn has yet to acknowledge the outrage, let alone provide any reasoning behind its decisions, though if the fallout on social media is any indication, it’ll have no choice but to come up with an answer, and soon. Watch this space for further updates.