Apex Legends Reportedly Getting Vehicles In Season 7

apex legends

Apex Legends Season 7 is shaping up to be one of the battle royale’s biggest yet, if recent leaks are to be believed.

While Respawn Entertainment has yet to make any official announcements regarding the next major update headed to Kings Canyon, one piece of future content it’s frequently alluded to is new character Horizon. While fans have undoubtedly already laid eyes on (and heard) the Scot as part of a small teaser event earlier this month, it remains to be seen what role (scout, support, etc.) she’ll fit into and, for that matter, what her toolkit will consist of. Fortunately for those unable to exercise patience, however, data miners have been up to their old tricks over the last few weeks and made some interesting discoveries in the process.

In addition to persistent rumors of a third arena joining Apex‘s existing map rotation in Season 7, data miner Shrugtal now believes, in light of their latest findings, that this mysterious locale will be outfitted with drivable vehicles. Seated animations for player characters, as well as a gun charm seemingly depicting some sort of futuristic light transport certainly make a strong case for their inclusion, and you needn’t take our word for it, either. Check out evidence of both in the gallery below.

No matter how convincing the leaks may be, it’s always worth noting that all the above remains firmly in the realm of speculation. There’s every chance, after all, that these assets are simply remnants of an unused or scrapped update no longer planned to enter the live game, though given how recently they were added, this outcome seems incredibly unlikely.

Whatever the end result, Apex Legends fans can expect to learn more about Season 7 very soon. With an estimated release window of early November, teasers should be arriving anytime now.