Apex Legends’ New Character Might Be A Season 1 Battle Pass Unlock

Apex Legends

While he’s yet to be officially revealed by developer Respawn Entertainment, reports and leaks indicate that Octane will serve as Apex Legends‘ first new character and is set to release sometime in the near future.

Earlier this week, fans got a brief glimpse at Octane’s look and visual design, which appears to be inspired by the post-apocalyptic landscapes of Mad Max and Borderlands. And though his playstyle has yet to be revealed, early leaks show that his passive ability will allow gamers to slowly restore health over time, assuming they aren’t actively taking damage.

His tactical ability, meanwhile, allows Octane to move 30 percent faster for a brief period of time, with the trade-off being a small reduction in health. And for his ultimate ability, the character will be able to deploy a launch pad – not unlike those seen in Fortnite – which will allow squads to soar through the air without having to rely on tower balloons placed around the map.

However, one question that’s remained on everyone’s mind is how folks will be able to unlock Octane. Well, it seems that the answer ties into another burning question: How will Apex Legends make money?

It seems that the answer to both can be found in the game’s upcoming Season 1 Battle Pass. As reported by Forbesit looks like Octane might be tied into Apex Legends‘ upcoming rookie season, which will (in all likelihood) provide players with the chance to unlock loot and cosmetic items by completing challenges and performing well in matches.

It’s not entirely clear if Octane will be unlocked through a premium purchase, or as part of the Battle Pass itself, but it seems like fans won’t have to wait much longer to try out the new Legend for themselves, as the first season could kick off as early as March 12th.