Apex Legends Will Soon Be Getting One Of Titanfall’s Best Weapons

Apex Legends

Apex Legends and Titanfall have an interesting relationship. They take place in the same universe, but have radically different tones and designs. Longtime Respawn fans always appreciate when the developer takes the time to remind audiences of that link though, so they’ll love that one of Titanfall‘s best weapons is about to make the jump to Apex Legends.

Of course, I’m talking about the Charge Rifle. First appearing in the original Titanfall and returning for its sequel, the gun is one of the few pilot weapons capable of doing some serious damage to the game’s hulking mechs. One precise hit from a fully charged rifle is enough to kill someone piloting a Titan, and you can do triple damage to them if you target unshielded spots.

We’d already heard through the usual data-mining sources that the rifle was going to make it over to Apex Legends, but confirmation has now come during the GameStop GME conference in Nashville, Tennessee. See for yourself in the gallery down below:

So, how will this fit into the game? Well, having to fully charge the rifle before firing it adds an element of skill, meaning you have to anticipate when the best time to begin charging and when to fire is. It’ll reward players who have a feel for the rhythms of battle, not to mention those working in tightly-knit teams where others can provide cover. It appears that this will be a common rather than legendary weapon, too, which means players will get some time to work out its nuances.

One question remains, though: the Charge Rifle was intended as an anti-Titan weapon, but Apex Legends doesn’t have Titans, so will it gain some kind of special use in the map? Perhaps its fully charged mode could destroy doors, or a new selection of hop-ups may make it especially deadly. Or maybe this could be a hint that Respawn are finally thinking of bringing Titans to Apex Legends?