New Apex Legends Video Teases Titans, Infected And More


Apex Legends leaks have been coming in thick and fast ever since the game first released, with industrious data-miners taking it upon themselves to scour the files for hints of what’s to come. Along the way, we’ve had sneak previews of potential new Legends, very detailed looks at new weapons (including their legendary skins), hints of tweaks to the game and even new modes. But now there’s a video that might suggest that some very big changes are coming down the line.

The evidence comes in a mysterious video from Gaming Intel, which appears to compile unused audio clips from the Smart Comms system that make references to Infected, Spectres and (most excitingly for longtime Respawn fans), Titans.

You can check it out for yourself below:

Before you get too excited, I’m willing to bet that while these audio files are indeed in the game, they’re by no means a guarantee that Respawn are planning to add all these elements. When developers are recording voice lines, they often record many short redundant lines like these even if they don’t think they’ll ever use them.

Plus, the complexity of the Smart Comms system, where a pre-recorded voice can talk about anything in the game world means that the scripts will have been very long. Having your v/o cast say all these lines at once is also a lot cheaper than getting them back in the studio later on if you did decide to include, say, infected into the game.

With all that in mind, I doubt we’re going to get Titans in Apex Legends, especially as they’re one of the few things that Respawn has explicitly ruled out. However, elsewhere in the files, we’ve already seen reference to some kind of PvE mode, complete with a crowd that responds to how well you’re doing. That could very well be what the references to Infected and Spectres are, but until we hear more from the developer, you can chalk that up as speculation for now.

Source: Gaming Intel

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