Apex Legends Trailer Shows Off New Skins For Octane Edition


Those that consider themselves kindred spirits with Apex Legends‘ Octane now have access to a special treat.

As of today, a new edition of the battle royale is available for all platforms and comes packed with a bunch of goodies dedicated entirely to the adrenaline junkie himself. The collection, which is currently only available as a digital download (retail versions are coming in the near future), will set you back a modest $19.99 and includes two special skins not available anywhere else. The Legendary rarity Arachnoid Rush skin swaps Octane’s usual steampunk aesthetic for a high-tech suit to match his mechanical lower limbs.

Fans in the market for some new wardrobe additions to the character’s wardrobe can check out the new look above.

As for the other odds and ends included with the aforementioned price tag, a similarly-styled Arachnoid skin for the Charge Rifle is yours to own, as too, is the Violet Widow Gun Charm. For those not aware, Respawn added these little trinkets back in Season 3 as a means of allowing players to further personalize their loadouts. For the full list of contents, see below:

  • Legendary Arachnoid Rush Octane skin
  • Legendary Arachnoid Charge Rifle skin
  • Exclusive Violet Widow Gun Charm
  • Exclusive Venomous Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

With 1,000 Apex Coins worth $9.99 in-game, you’re essentially, then, paying $10 for everything else. Is that worth it? Considering the usual asking price of Legendary skins during events and such, we’re inclined to a big thumbs up in response. Octane follows both Lifeline and Bloodhound in receiving his own dedicated edition of Apex Legends and one can only assume that further releases are planned for the future, so if your main has yet to receive similar treatment, watch this space.

Apex Legends just recently entered its fourth season, having introduced new Legend Revenant, as well as various major gameplay and meta changes. See here for all the details.