Apex Legends Octane Edition Available Now And Includes Exclusive Skins


Apex Legends players looking to jazz up their collection of cosmetics for Octane are in for a treat. As of writing, Respawn has just released a new ‘Octane Edition’ of the popular battle royale for digital download, with an accompanying retail edition due to follow in the near future. The bundle, like last year’s similarly-themed deals, includes a number of exclusive items otherwise not available (either as unlocks or via direct purchase) in-game and comes with all of the following.

  • Legendary Arachnoid Rush Octane skin
  • Legendary Arachnoid Charge Rifle skin
  • Exclusive Violet Widow Gun Charm
  • Exclusive Venomous Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

If you’re still on the fence in regards to shelling out the $19.99 asking price, perhaps the clip below, showcasing the new goodies in action, will be all the persuasion needed to coax open your wallet.

Given that the standard price of 1,000 Apex Coins is $9.99, you’re essentially paying an upfront cost of $10 for one weapon and character skin, a Gun Charm and Badge. Is that worth it? Absolutely, especially for those that consider the self-described adrenaline junkie to be one of their favorite Legends. No date for Octane Edition’s retail release has been set just yet, though with the digital version already available as of yesterday, we imagine physical collectors won’t have too long to wait.

As of earlier this month, Apex Legends is now in its fourth season. As usual, the tri-monthly refresh has brought with it a number of new content additions and gameplay improvements, including major changes to World’s Edge and, of course, the introduction of new character Revenant. For an overview of both – as well as a breakdown of where’s best to drop in the new and improved Season 3 map – hit the respective links. See you on the battlefield!