This Apex Legends Trick Lets Players Jump While Downed


In the cutthroat world of battle royales, even the slightest advantage can mean the difference between victory or defeat. Compared to its genre peers, Apex Legends‘ gunplay requires swift reflexes to weave and duck between oncoming fire, skirmishes which, if even one jump or reload is mistimed, will spell certain doom for you and your teammates. With Kings Canyon being home to such fierce competition, then, it’s wholly unsurprising that some have resorted to cheating in order to compete.

Respawn has since come down hard on creators and users alike of such illicit software, though bug and glitch exploits are an entirely separate cause of frustration for the developer. Most of the time, such faults prove detrimental rather than beneficial to the player, but there are always exceptions. Wraith players discovering a glitch allowing her to open a near-infinite number of portals, for example, is just one such loophole.

In regards to where today’s particular discovery sits on the scale of unremarkable to completely overpowered is debatable, but Apex Legends regulars will certainly find the trick useful. As per user Someuniquename’s post over on Reddit, the quirk in question allows players to jump while in a downed state. The manoeuvre is made possible simply by pressing the sprint and jump buttons in tandem, reveals the poster, who provides video proof to boot.

Now, here comes the important footnote. As an unintended feature, it’s unclear where Respawn stands in regards to this discovery’s legitimacy. Those that value their Apex Legends accounts might want to steer clear of engaging in the act until the developer makes an official comment, though given that the trick does little more than afford downed players a greater chance at survival, it’s unlikely any punishments will be doled out for its use. Either way, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one for any potential developments. Stay tuned.

Source: Reddit

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