This Apex Legends Trick Will Help You Perform Melee Attacks Much Faster


Apex Legends fans, it seems, will stop at nothing in order to gain an advantage over their peers, no matter how small the benefit may end up being. Some will surf the web for little-publicized tips and tricks to gain an edge on their opponent while others, against their best judgement, resort to full-blown cheating using third-party software. The latter, of course, is a quite rightly frowned-upon method that will likely prompt Respawn to serve you a ban, but the former is, at least until it’s patched out, fair game.

The first person to discover this particular oversight remains a mystery, but the quirk has since spread through all the usual channels, meaning you’ll want to heed the advice to come if you hope to emerge victorious from a frenzied fist fight. In general, melee combat is largely used either as an option of last resort or in the early stages of a match where players are still scrounging for anything that even vaguely resembles a gun, but have no doubt that the method will come in handy, sooner or later.

To test, learn and ultimately execute the method with alarming precision, one need simply jump while performing a melee attack on an enemy. Following the first hit, you’ll then need to press the Q, V and middle mouse buttons together to trigger the increased attack speed. For subsequent hits and to maintain the newfound speed in general, you’ll be required to repeat the aforementioned button presses each time.

Sadly, the same trick doesn’t appear to be present on console versions of Apex Legends, but fear not – there’s plenty of other tips and tricks available to all. Whether you’re looking for help on how best to deal with Caustic’s nasty traps or investigating a safer method of looting other players’ Deathboxes, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy!