Simple Apex Legends Tricks Make Looting Deathboxes Less Dangerous


Danger lurks around every corner in Apex Legends. Whether you’re holed up in a building or making a mad dash for cover through the open plains of Kings Canyon, the threat of an opposing team having their sights trained on you or a fellow comrade is one that only dissipates via victory or death. By now, of course, seasoned and dedicated players will have developed a sixth sense for where the enemy might be planning an ambush but knowing how best to deal with other players is only half the battle. Ammo, healing items and protective gear are all invaluable commodities in any battle royale, to the extent that, beyond a certain point in any given match, the best and most efficient means of keeping supplies topped off is by looting the dead.

Promoting that strategy is all well and good, but when a hailstorm of gunfire is raining down on your position, grabbing the goods from a defeated player’s Deathbox can be quite the challenge. That being the case, some folks have now cooked up a series of ingenious tricks to make looting the dead a much easier, safer affair.

Reddit user Mnkymnk, for example, recently posted footage of one particular trick wherein they use their own character’s body to punt a player’s Deathbox behind cover and into a secluded doorway before popping open the crate for a quick peek inside. Failing that, similar results can be achieved by hurling grenades close to any Deathbox, though if you’re fresh out of explosives, there’s one final scheme to fall back on. By design, the Deathbox looting interface will only close when the player moves a certain distance away, meaning that, should the crate be just out of reach, you can open the interface then slowly backpedal behind cover before picking up the goods.

Do note, that none of the above methods will guarantee your safety out on the battlefield, but master them, and you should find yourself less prone to taking a bullet while vulnerable. For more first-hand tips and tricks discovered by talented Apex Legends players – including how best to counter Caustic’s nasty Gas Traps – see here.

Source: Reddit