Apex Legends Twitch Prime Skins Leaked For Gibraltar And Bloodhound

Apex Legends

The next wave of exclusive Twitch Prime skins for Apex Legends has leaked online.

For those unaware, the streaming platform has been running a promotion in partnership with Respawn Entertainment over the last several months, with one exclusive skin being given away each month or so to all subscribers. As of writing, those eligible to receive said loot can get their hands on a sleek-looking number for Season 5 newcomer Loba, with six more still to come.

So far, previous new wardrobe additions have arrived around the middle of each month, meaning June 15th is likely when to expect the next drop and thanks to the continued efforts of data miners, it looks as if we now know who’s next in line to get their own royal purple costume. To be more precise, it’s currently a toss-up between two potential outcomes, though you can no doubt expect the Legend not featured in June to be the subject of July’s spotlight. Check out both for yourselves below.

According to prolific data miner Shrugtal over on Twitter, these two outfits are labelled as “Inspector” skins in the game files, though you’ll have to let us know in the comments which one you like more.

In order to get the snazzy new looks for both characters as soon as they’re available, one need simply log into their Twitch Prime account and head to the associated rewards page. If this is the first time you’ll be claiming cosmetics specifically for Apex Legends, you’ll be prompted to link your EA and Twitch accounts before doing so. Once linked, all unlocks will be waiting for you in-game the next time you log in. Enjoy!