Apparently The Crew Features The World’s Greatest Playground


The Crew_Miami

Adding up to approximately 1900 square miles of landmass, the digital representation of The United States of America that can be found within The Crew is said to be the “world’s greatest playground.” Offering twelve different cities to speed through, as well as five different geographical zones to marvel at, it promises a lot of authenticity and diversity for the eyes. That, on top of multiple game modes and support for four-player crews.

Below, you’ll find Ubisoft’s newest trailer for the racer, which is conveniently titled, “The World’s Greatest Playground.” Its four-and-a-half-minute length is made up of gameplay footage, which highlights the title’s scenery variety, as well as its race modes. It’s a decent showcase and advertisement that isn’t afraid to tout its own horn; however, I can’t say that the trailer’s quality, or what it shows, is as memorable as it should have been with a title such as that. The game looks good, I’ll agree, but it’s yet to blow me away. Here’s hoping the final product will, though.

The Crew will pack its bags and begin its tour of the continental United States on November 11. You can see its similarly titled “Playground” trailer, which hit the Internet last week, below.

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