AquaPazza Is One Week Away! Celebrate With This New Trailer

Boy oh boy, when I first heard about AquaPazza I was so excited. I wrote a bunch of posts about it, then I got sad because it was still a month away. But now it’s only a week away! To get us revved up for the occasion, Atlus has put out a new “Team Tears to Tiara” trailer, which shows off some particular characters embracing their emotions and destroying each other with “trees that shoot lasers.” Damn this looks awesome.

The bit about emotions is no joke, either – the game actually has something called an “Active Emotion System,” and depending on your character’s mood in battle, his or her performance will be affected accordingly. Atlus explains it better than I probably ever could.

The Active Emotion System is a system that reflects changes in a character’s emotions. Depending on play style, emotions will either benefit or disadvantage characters. Keeping on the offensive will raise your emotion for added boosts! When your character has high emotion, they’ll do more damage, perform stronger Super attacks, and take less damage when hit. Take advantage of this momentum to decimate your opponent! Meanwhile, staying defensive will lower emotion and weaken characters.

Initially on paper, the idea sounded kind of goofy to me, but hearing that explanation and seeing the video has me thinking otherwise. At any rate, the time has come to quit speculating and start waiting (as is my policy one week prior to release), so I’ll probably just go find a cave somewhere or play Pokemon nonstop until AquaPazza is released.

See you on the 19th!