Armature Studios Announce Dead Star Pre-Orders And Plans For The Future


Armature Studios have revealed more information about the plans for their upcoming game Dead Star in an open letter on its official forums. The post confirms pre-order bonuses for players who purchase ahead of release, as well as adding information about plans for the future of the game.

Those that pre-order Dead Star via Steam before April 5 will receive two free content packs – the Kurg Ship Expansion and the Quaz’l Ship Expansion, a $9.98 total value – as they are released in late April and May, respectively. These new Ship Expansions will each bring three new playable ships to game, adding new layers of strategy and gameplay mechanics that will benefit the entire player base. Each Expansion will be priced at $4.99.

Armature opened their letter by explaining how thankful they are to the supporters of Dead Star:

Dead Star is a passion project for us. It started out as an early prototype meant to combine the beauty of multiplayer space combat and the depth of RPG / MOBA elements with the immediate pick-up-and-play appeal of a twin-stick shooter. We couldn’t stop playing that early prototype internally, and a small team of veterans from throughout the gaming industry quickly came together – folks that could have gone anywhere and done anything, but chose to pursue Dead Star because it was something they believe in.

Dead Star will be available from April 5th, and in the meantime you can check out Armature’s full letter right here.