Here’s How Andrew Garfield Could Look As Spider-Man Remastered’s Peter Parker

Spider-Man Ps4

Peter Parker is a man of many faces, and not just across different mediums.

In the case of Insomniac’s Spider-Man alone, in fact, he now has two wildly different visages and some fans aren’t convinced that his newly redesigned mug in the upcoming PlayStation 5 remaster is any better than the original. According to the game’s developer, of course, the decision isn’t a result of model John Bubniak’s face not being pretty enough but rather, that its structure isn’t the right match for Yuri Lowenthal’s vocal cords. What it is, exactly, that’s changed between both versions that necessitates such a drastic alteration is still a hazy topic, but it largely matters not, as Ben Jordan’s Parker is now here to stay.

The controversy has, however, prompted Instagram user and artist Samuel Cheve to create their own interpretation of the character for the remaster, one which many will no doubt already be immediately familiar with. Andrew Garfield, who played the wall-crawler in Sony Pictures’ short-lived The Amazing Spider-Man series before the role was recast with Tom Holland and inserted into the MCU, has been digitally placed into the game by Cheve, and you can check out the end result for yourself below.

A remarkable effort, no doubt and, if the rumors we’ve been hearing as of late have any truth to them, fans could soon be seeing Garfield back in the role in an official capacity. Following confirmation from actor Jamie Foxx that he’ll be returning to the franchise to play supervillain Electro (he won’t be blue this time, apparently), many believe this to be the first sign of a live-action Spider-Verse that will feature multiple versions of the titular hero. We’ve even heard that both Garfield and Tobey Maguire are reportedly in talks to reprise their roles in Marvel’s upcoming movie.

Exciting times ahead, then, but for now, all eyes are on Insomniac’s sequel, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which launches next month, November 12th, exclusively for the PlayStation 5. See here for the latest trailer.