Avengers Video Game Cancelled By THQ?

You may remember reading about THQ‘s recently announced strategic internal alignment plans. Due to poor sales and mediocre review scores for their recently-released titles, the video game company decided to move forward with a greater emphasis on stressing quality. This meant that the decision was made to drop some Australian studios from its roster. Ones that were presumably working on licensed titles; the kind of games which the company would like to transition away from.

A recently discovered leak states that one of the titles in progress at a dropped studio could have been a video game tie-in to the upcoming Avengers movie. The sleuths over at WouldYouKindly did some investigative journalism by searching through some websites owned by concept artists who were formerly THQ employees. What they found included some concept art and a test animation, showing off some of the more popular Avengers characters in action.

Based on these findings, it seems like The Avengers: The Video Game was at least in a conceptual state. The rumour is that it was going to be released on PS3, XBOX 360 and PC. Though, based on the facts stated in one of the developer’s LinkedIn profiles, the game has been completely cancelled. No news has been found regarding the license, however. Presumably, Marvel could move it to another development studio/publisher but as of now there’s no word on if that will happen.

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