Awesome Resident Evil Village Art Imagines The Four Lords As Pokémon Trainers

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village and Pokémon are two franchises you wouldn’t expect to meet, but that’s exactly what a talented artist has decided to base their latest creation on.

For those not aware, the newest installment in Capcom’s revered survival horror IP takes place in a mysterious hamlet populated by four lords. These individuals, all boasting unique powers granted to them by Mother Miranda and the so-called Megamycete superorganism, must be defeated by protagonist Ethan Winters in order for him to be reunited with his daughter, Rose. This setup is a popular trope in video games with several parallels in the likes of Dark Souls and Pokémon, with the latter being what Twitter user Moth has decided is the perfect fit for their fan-made crossover.

Check out the watercolor-styled images for yourself below:

Using the original Red & Blue version’s Elite Four (the strongest Trainers in any given region) as a basis, Moth has transformed Alcina Dimitrescu, Donna Beneviento, Salvatore Moreau and Karl Heisenberg into bonafide Pokémon masters employing an art style reminiscent of Game Freak’s earliest creations and choosing thematically appropriate types for each. Heisenberg, for example, uses steel-type ‘Mons to reflect his command over metal while Donna Beneviento’s team consists of ghost-type creatures, reflecting her connection to the supernatural. In the case of Moreau, Moth says they opted to go for poison instead of water as the reservoir owner is far “too slimy” to be considered for the latter.

Resident Evil Village is out now for Xbox One, Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC while the latest entries in Pokémon’s core RPG series, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, are scheduled to drop later this year for Nintendo Switch.