New Awesomenauts Characters Discovered

Awesomenauts has already been confirmed to be receiving downloadable content in the form of additional playable characters. Up until now we haven’t heard anymore news on which characters would be arriving but players who have looked into the game’s system files may have found some information regarding who to expect.

Images and descriptions for two additional characters were found by GameFAQs user MirrorB. The first, Coco Nebulon, is apparently the game’s first female character, who rides on a hoverboard and attacks with electricity. The second, Derpl Zork, is a slug who resides in a large tank equipped with various traps and weapons.

Seeing as developer Ronimo Games hasn’t confirmed any of this, it’s entirely possible that these may not be the final versions of the characters that will be released.

As always though, we will keep you updated on Awesomenauts and its future DLC as more news develops.

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