Batman: Arkham City First Official Gameplay Video

Yay! Warner and Rocksteady have finally put out some golden footage from Batman: Arkham City, and as expected it’s rather impressive. Mainly thanks to lots of punching, blocking, dodging, jumping, and the whole atmosphere of shadows, corruption, and tight leather. Hmm.

This little clip is more trailer than raw gameplay, but it’s the broadest offering of what Arkham City holds that we’ve seen so far. Many of the feautres we had only heard being described by Rocksteady have finally been demonstrated and the choice of song seems to be keeping up with the zeitgeist nicely. As I have said many times before, October feels like a lifetime away.

Recently Dax Ginn (from Rocksteady studios) had to reasure some of the more stupid gamers that Arkham City would still be fun and worth investing time into despite its lack of multiplayer modes. I’m still struggling to understand why they would feel the need to ask such a moronic question. Oh well Batman will show em a good time come October…stop sniggering you.