Will Batman: Arkham City Receive A Harley Quinn-Themed DLC Pack?

Will Harley Quinn be the next character to receive Batman: Arkham City DLC? That seems to be the case as ten new PlayStation 3 trophies for the unannounced content pack have made their way onto www.PS3t.org. Since that particular website network is reputable, it’s pretty easy to trust that this news is legitimate.

After taking a look at the aforementioned list, which is made up of bronze and silver trophies, I get the feeling that the unlocks are for a new single player expansion of some sort. The references to challenges that were there in previous DLC lists are missing in action, and certain ones seem to relate to single player progression checkpoints. Additionally, mention is made of the player assuming Robin’s boy wonder abilities during something called Harley Quinn’s Revenge. Is that some sort of carnival game? Who knows.

When we find out more about this mysterious addition, we’ll let you know.