Batman: Arkham City To Receive Post-Launch Episodic Content?

The man behind Batman’s gruff and manly voice in many creative projects has revealed some interesting new information regarding Batman: Arkham City. News regarding future downloadable content episodes, which should keep the game fresh and ongoing.

Speaking to Comic Booked about his lengthy and successful time as the Dark Knight, Kevin Conroy had this to say regarding the upcoming game:

“The thing about Arkham City is that it’s going to be an ongoing game,” said Conroy. “You’re going to be able to download future episodes of it, so it’s going to be going on for quite a while. I’ve been recording it for a while.”

This is great news for any Bat-fans. A prospective adventure that keeps getting longer with new and interesting content sure sounds great. Hopefully these new “episodes” will be in the form of lengthy themed outings, as opposed to new challenge rooms. Those are fun for a little while, but don’t keep me coming back. It’s the story-related content that does.