Logo For New Batman Arkham Game May’ve Been Revealed


It’s been a long time since Arkham Knight‘s release and fans are positively itching for news on a follow-up. We know that Batman: Arkham series developers Rocksteady and WB Montreal are working on separate DC-related projects, but as yet, there’ve been no official announcements. However, we’ve consistently heard that the WB Montreal game is Batman-focused and will feature the Court of Owls.

Further confirmation that this is the case comes courtesy of Twitter user @Jsig212James, who posted a picture taken inside WB Montreal’s elevator. This shows a new Bat logo emblazoned with a Warner Bros. shield, all but confirming that it’s something to do with their current project.

Check it out below:

First up, this is an obvious departure from the logo we’ve seen across the previous Arkham games and may lend credence to the theory that their title is a soft reboot, perhaps keeping the same basic gameplay systems but taking place in a new continuity. Many fans have already pointed out that the logo heavily resembles the Batman Beyond logo, too. Perhaps it’s too much to hope that WB Montreal’s project could be a fully-fledged game based on the beloved late 90s/early 2000s cartoon, but that setting certainly would make for a cool experience. Plus, we’ve already seen Batman Beyond character skins in Arkham City and Arkham Knight.

Here’s hoping we get a full official announcement of both titles very soon. We’re coming to the end of this console generation, so it’s possible that Warner Bros. may have shifted development to take advantage of the increased power of the PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X, due out at the end of this year. If that were the case, they could be holding off their announcement until those consoles have been officially unveiled. That should happen fairly soon, so there’s a chance we could get a teaser trailer during either Sony or Microsoft’s events.

Whatever the case, this new Batman: Arkham game must have been in development for a long time, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long to get our hands on it.

Source: Twitter