Batman: Arkham Knight Slips To 2015 As Rocksteady Showcases Brute Force Of The Batmobile

Though it was previously slated for a tentative October release, Rocksteady’s closing chapter in the Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight, has been delayed until 2015.

The announcement comes in tandem with an all-new trailer that showcases the brute force of Bruce Wayne’s trusty vehicular companion, the Batmobile. Armed to the teeth with a 60mm cannon, an anti-tank Vulcan gun and a missile barrage, the beloved automobile isn’t exactly short on firepower, and the studio has outlined the car’s full arsenal in the above trailer.

Moreover, the Batmobile will also feature two distinct modes: Pursuit and Battle mode. The former allows the vehicle to employ booster rockets along with a power wince to navigate around obstacles including bridges; whereas the latter transforms the car into a tank-like behemoth, replete with the aforementioned armaments.

Batman: Arkham Knight will take place precisely one year after the events of Arkham City and will introduce a Dark Knight at the peak of his powers. However, Scarecrow and a trusty band of villains — including Two Face, Harley Quinn and, presumably, a host of others — attempt to bring the world’s greatest detective down to size.

And while Dr. Crane will no doubt serve as the overarching antagonist, Rocksteady has confirmed that the titular Arkham Knight — a character unique to the studio’s pixelated universe — will prove to be our hero’s ultimate nemesis as the narrative unfolds.

We can expect Rocksteady to unveil the full extent of the Batmobile’s intriguing Battle Mode and how it plays an integral role in Batman: Arkham Knight during E3 next week. But as Gary Oldman’s Jim Gordon whispers in Batman Begins, I gotta’ get me one of those.

Source: GamesRadar