Batman: Arkham Knight Still A Ways Away From Being Fully Functional On PC


Rocksteady has offered a status report for the broken PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight following its turbulent launch early last week.

Crippled by a host of technical problems from day one, many retailers were forced to suspend sales of the PC version until the problems were ironed out; though according to the studio’s latest update, there is still plenty of work yet to be done.

“Rocksteady is leading our team of developers and partners as we work on the PC performance issues that players have been encountering,” according to a post on the game’s official website. “The work is significant and while we are making good progress on improving performance, it will take some time to ensure that we get the right fixes in place.”

Early adopters of the sequel first began reporting problems last Tuesday, claiming that Arkham Knight was ostensibly unplayable from the get-go. It was later revealed that the PC version had been outsourced to Iron Galaxy Studios, where a team of 12 developers purportedly shouldered much of the technical legwork.


Since then, Rocksteady has been attempting to put out fires left, right and center, and while a vast number of bugs still remain, here’s a list of those eradicated in the game’s maiden patch released yesterday.

  • Fixed a crash that was happening for some users when exiting the game.
  • Fixed a bug which disabled rain effects and ambient occlusion. We are actively looking into fixing other bugs to improve this further.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing Steam to re-download the game when verifying the integrity of the game cache through the Steam client.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when turning off Motion Blur in BmSystemSettings.ini. A future patch will enable this in the graphics settings menu.

At the time of writing, Batman: Arkham Knight is still unavailable to purchase on SteamOS, Linux or Mac, and if a listing on Steam is to be believed, the port won’t be available on either platform until fall 2015 – highlighting the extent of the debacle.

Batman: Arkham Knight is available now. For more on Rocksteady’s adorned threequel, be sure to check out our own review.

Source: Rocksteady