Batman: Arkham Legacy May Be Announced At Game Awards Next Month


An imminent announcement for Batman: Arkham Legacy is looking incredibly likely.

The title never officially announced has frequently been rumoured to be the next installment in Rocksteady’s acclaimed Arkham trilogy. With that studio having since departed the series to work on a mysterious new project, the long-awaited sequel is said to be in the hands of Warner Bros. Montreal. The developer has extensive experience with the Dark Knight, of course, what with it being the same team responsible for oft-overlooked spinoff Batman: Arkham Origins, and new leaks suggest a grand reveal could be here within a matter of weeks.

On Twitter, YouTuber SLCMOF claims that reliable sources have tipped them off to an unveiling of Arkham Legacy at this year’s Game Awards. The ceremony, which has become a favourite venue for publishers to reveal their latest releases in recent years, is due to take place in Los Angeles next month. SLCMOF, also known as Coby, says that, while nothing is 100% confirmed just yet, their latest scoop is provided by the same individual that leaked scores of concept art for Warner Bros.’ scrapped Batman game intended to star Damian Wayne.

batman arkham knight

Fans should certainly heed Coby’s advice and refrain from taking today’s developments as fact, then, but it’s hard to imagine, at this point, a different outcome. Warner Bros. has been teasing a new game starring the Caped Crusader itself for some time and, what’s more, has a history of making big announcements at The Game Awards, the most recent being NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat 11.

Fortunately, Batman devotees don’t have too long of a wait ahead to learn the truth. The Game Awards 2019 kicks off on December 12th and, as always, we’ll be covering the big reveals as and when they come. Stay tuned.