Batman Fans Are Going Wild Over New Video Game Teasers


Little more than teaser images they may be, but that’s more than enough to whip Batman fans into a frenzy of speculation and excitement.

For those needing some context, WB Games Montreal (yes, the same folks responsible for Batman: Arkham Origins), distributed a series of pictures through social media earlier today which, when pieced together, appear to form a logo of some sort. Accompanied with the phrase “Capture the Knight,” Dark Knight fans have immediately jumped to the conclusion (and rightly so, given previous rumors) that the developer is gearing up to finally announce its next project starring Bruce Wayne and his iconic alter ego.

As for the aforementioned logo, its origins are yet to be confirmed, though the presence of an eagle (Court of Owls, anyone?) encompassing what appears to be a coat of arms has many pointing to Gotham City’s police department and we have to admit, the complete image certainly looks similar to that of a police badge.

Check out the evidence, as well as some initial reactions from excitable fans, below:

CabooseEK’s comparisons between WB Games’ teaser and the GCPD definitely provide food for thought.

Some fans are sick of waiting for an official announcement.

Others are doing what they can to solve the puzzle.

Batman for Super Smash Bros!? Don’t bet on it.

With any luck, these latest hints are simply meant as a taster for something more substantial, though given WB Montreal’s recent track record, we could still be waiting some time until it’s ready to pull back the curtain on Batman‘s next major video game adventure.

As always, we’ll be keeping close tabs on the story as it develops, so be sure to check back regularly for any updates.