New Concept Art For Rumored Batman Game Leaks Online


Despite a steady stream of leaks heavily implying as such over the last several months, Warner Bros. remains tight-lipped in regards to the existence of a new Batman game.

Ever since the release of Rocksteady’s Arkham Knight back in 2015, in fact, have rumors been flying around online in regards to a potential fourth installment in the acclaimed series and yet, here we are half a decade later, left in the dark as to when (or even if) Gotham’s protector will return. Given the recent spate of teasers released by none other than Warner Bros. Montreal, it certainly appears as if the studio is working on something with ties to the Dark Knight, but beyond that, next to no specifics are known.

Currently, the most popular theory stipulates that Montreal’s new project will involve the Court of Owls crime syndicate in some capacity and not even necessarily focus on just Bruce Wayne, but his extended family, too. So far, no solid evidence to support either claim has surfaced, though considering what we know of Warner Bros.’ canned Damian Wayne title, the latter doesn’t seem particularly farfetched.

Amidst all of this unverified hearsay, however, fans could finally have their first look at some genuine concept art for Batman’s next adventure. Check it out below:

Yes, that’s a Batcycle you’re looking at, alright, and according to Geeks WorldWide’s James Sigfield, the concept art reportedly belongs to the very same game originally intended to star Bruce’s son.

Sigfield notes, however, that Warner Bros. Montreal is aiming to reuse numerous assets for this new venture, with the above being an incredibly likely candidate. Whether that ultimately turns out to be the case remains to be seen, of course, but today’s developments come from the same source claiming that Batman‘s video game return will be a total reboot and, what’s more, is aiming to launch this fall. You can read more about that here and be sure to let us know what you’re hoping to see from a potential sequel in the usual place below!

Source: Twitter