New Batman Game Teaser May Reveal First In-Engine Screenshot


Little more than a matter of days stand between now and the start of DC’s FanDome event, and audiences are, quite understandably, all aboard the hype train.

Due to kick off on August 22nd, the weekend-long event will play host to all the latest reveals and updates for all things related to the comic book giant’s various franchises, including, of course, new video games. One of those is Rocksteady’s recently announced Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League; what’s believed to be a live service title presumably allowing players to take direct control of characters such as Deadshot and Harley Quinn with the aim of snuffing out the superhero team’s flame for good.

Conversely, WB Games Montreal’s long-rumored Batman game has yet to receive a name and, much like the Dark Knight himself, remains shrouded in mystery. In the run up to official reveal on Saturday, the developer has been releasing new teasers on a daily basis as part of an ongoing ARG (augmented reality game) and today’s has just arrived. As before, the image below hides a code – 364 – which, when entered over on, tells the user to return tomorrow for the final piece of the puzzle.

Where this particular hint differs from those provided previously, however, is that it appears to have been taken directly from the unannounced game in question. The art deco art style is certainly one that’s been associated with Gotham City in the past, though it remains to be seen if the subject – a man triumphantly wielding a shovel – holds any relevance. A link to the Court of Owls crime syndicate, perhaps?

The organization is heavily rumoured to play a vital role in the title, as are Two-Face and Barbara Gordon or, as she’s perhaps better known, Batgirl. Even this remains speculation, however, though, so we’ll just have to wait until August 22nd to learn the truth about Batman‘s next adventure. We’ll be covering the event live, so stay tuned.