Full Title For Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Game Revealed


Rocksteady confirmed one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming recently when it finally revealed its next big project.

While not the standalone Superman game that many had first suspected it to be, DC’s Man of Steel will undoubtedly be making an appearance in Rocksteady’s latest endeavour but he almost certainly won’t be on your side. After numerous revisions, rumors of a title focusing specifically on DC’s anti-hero group, the Suicide Squad, have proven to be bang on the money, with last week’s first teaser depicting the Justice League’s most powerful member unknowingly caught in the sights of master assassin, Deadshot.

As far as trailers and potential gameplay are concerned, however, fans will have to wait for next week’s DC FanDome, a digital-only event established in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve known for some time now, of course, that this venue is where Warner Bros. intends to show off its latest and greatest and, thanks to a recent update (H/T, ComicBook), we now know the full title of Rocksteady’s game to be Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

For this inevitable crowd-pleaser, in particular, Saturday, August 22nd is the date you’ll want to make a mental note of. This is when a dedicated panel, hosted by Will Arnett, will take place and is scheduled to run for approximately 20 minutes. It’s still not entirely clear what, exactly, audiences will be privy to when the showcase begins, but a trailer is almost certainly going to be par for the course.

As for other big announcements, Warner Bros. Montreal’s frequently teased Batman game is also expected to be present in some form or fashion and with any luck, we might even get a release date for the Dark Knight’s return to gaming. Fingers crossed!