Battlefield 4 Premium Subs Can Download Dragon’s Teeth Tomorrow; New Trailer Released

Battlefield 4 Box Art

Occasionally maligned Battlefield 4 is just a day away from receiving its fourth major add-on, that being its Dragon’s Teeth map pack. The much talked-about expansion — which has been teased for a little while now — has just received a celebratory, pre-launch trailer as a result, and it showcases exactly what fans of the franchise can expect to receive when they decide to make the purchase.

Based in a digital representation of the Asian continent, Battlefield 4‘s Dragon’s Teeth map pack combines four new, never-before-seen maps, with a new game mode (Chain Link), five new weapons, a unique gadget and an extra battle pick-up. Said maps can be seen in short gameplay snippets within the featured trailer, and are referred to by the following names:

Pearl Market
Sunken Dragon
Lumphini Garden

Battlefield 4 will be officially bolstered by Dragon’s Teeth come July 29; however, Premium subscribers will be able to get a head start on everyone else, by downloading it tomorrow.